Disruptive Innovations

Connect & innovate your event with disruptive technologies

Internet of things (IoT)

Your network of devices is connected to generate disruptive results across your whole event. Smartphones, Bluetooth, raspberries, printers, cameras and many other devices create unique live experiences for your attendees.

  • Powerful hardware provide unique sensor data for multiple Bluetooth devices.
  • NFC bands can track each person current location based on secure RFID technology.
  • Beacons can interact with attendees and provide insightful innovation for stands.
  • Camera recognition software enables a much more secure and faster check-in experience.

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Big data

Crunch together all the information collected from your attendees and create a powerful network, powering your artificial intelligence disruptive technology to a new level.

  • Workshops attendance can be connected with follow-on events to match your HR investments. Our systems can know exactly which employee engaged better with your learning curriculum.
  • Connections between attendees can be processed to create disruptive networks, influences and interests.
  • Live bots can track delayed and cancelled flights to automatically notify your hospitality team. Traveling guests have their personal concierge!

Data mining & Machine learning

Discover all the possibilities of information research using innovative algorithms which can index your information and learn from your most common actions.

  • You can find all your information (including tools, activities, attendees, speakers, sponsors and more) with our global search bar. Data is easily available from all your pages and can be accessed with just one click.
  • Your most common requests are tracked throughout the platform to predict your most probable actions, so you usage is optimal for your time. Handling your event management tasks can be a breeze using machine learning technology.
Experience Tomorrow XP Securities

Experience Tomorrow XP Securities

XP Securities and InEvent partnership brings more technology and digital experiences to its private corporate event held at Four Seasons Hotel, Miami, Florida.

GPTW Women

GPTW Women

GPTW experience at the event that awards and highlights the 40 Best Companies for Women to Work.

Corteva Agriscience™ | DowDuPont

Corteva Agriscience™ | DowDuPont

DowDupont and InEvent innovate in DowDupont's new agricultural division Corteva Agriscience™ event.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Use our disruptive systems to power your organization business processes. Create a reliable innovative experience to your event operations with InEvent leading solutions.

  • Emails are verified using disruptive algorithms to prevent fake accounts. Our systems can detect, before sending the email, if it will be a valid delivery or not. Your delivery rate will be magic!
  • Schedules can be built automatically based on business rules and employee sectors. Notifications for defaulting members can be sent automatically weeks prior to your event start.

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