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Marketo Launchpoint

Your Marketo lists can include created lists, associated emails, given names or attached tags. This synchronization makes it easy to import and export data between InEvent and Marketo. The organizer will be able to automatically import all data captured on Marketo's landing pages to the InEvent platform, registering all within your corporate event. Synchronization occurs automatically and even allows custom fields to be used!

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Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics provides integration between your contacts lists and employees database through Active Directory (AD) syncing. Updates or removals can be done automtically from your preferred settings.

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Salesforce appexchange

InEvent and Salesforce can work on a myriad of possibilities. Common integrations include the chatter module, which can pull all your objects from Salesforce feed and integrate with InEvent mobile platform. You can also send your current news and push notifications as native messages. Integrations are always read / write, so any posts that occur through the mobile apps are also synced back to your Salesforce database.

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SAP Cloud Platform

SAP has a unique component called the cloud platform. If enabled, it can sync all of your event data, including landing pages, lists, enrollments and much more. All of this information can leverage speed to your business operations and remove legacy operations, dependent on mainframes and a single data entry point.

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Your integration

InEvent can connect with any system available using our fully documented API, with webhooks and SDK's for the most common platforms. Integrations can be developed from us or your tech teams expertise.

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