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With a young team, InEvent is a 3 year old company who has already achieved great results. Focused on an effective culture, we look for resilient determined people who want to grind and impact one billion people through events!

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Why you should work with us

  • We already have as clients some of the world's largest companies, such as Coca-Cola, Claro, Santander, Bayer, Bosch, Amazon, Ely Lilly, Carrefour, Facebook and others.
  • We have as partners the largest technology companies in the world, such as Facebook, Twitter and Amazon Web Services.
  • We offer freedom and responsibility at our work environment.
  • We allow and support remote work.
  • We host twice a year our InEvent Summit, our internal conference sponsored by InEvent.
  • We sponsor English and Spanish classes powered by our InEvent Speak program.
  • We award the best through our InEvent Plus panels and offer highly wanted prizes, such as trips to Silicon Valley and courses at Disney University.
  • We offer high bonuses when we hit our goals (8-10 multiples per year).

Why you should not work with us

  • We do not have a 9-5 fixed work schedule.
  • We work for long hours and often on weekends.
  • From the ideas we try, we fail many until we succeed.
  • We change projects overnight when we evolve the company strategy.
  • We offer growth and benefits only in the medium / long-term.
  • We do not accept mediocrity and the way to make everything easier.

What do I need to become an InEventer?

  • You must be a hard worker at your deepest core. This is the most important thing if you want to work here. If you don't believe that is the case, please don't apply to any position.
  • You must know our core values by heart.
  • You must be extremely proactive.
  • You must know what we do. Our customers. Our cases. Our products.
  • You must have strong communication skills = hold your shit together when things go awry.
  • You must also have technological aptitude, so you know how to use our own software.
  • You must want to grow together with the company. You only grow if the company grows together.

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