Event mobile app

Discover the benefits of having a live mobile experience in your events

Connect people

Facilitates connections between the attendees with an event app. You will be able to control your contacts, how attendees chat with each other and even connect them through the native chat!

  • Social networks integration

    With the login via social networks, your attendees access the app quickly and securely.

  • Smart search

    By name, position, company and tag, so people find the right contact at the event.

  • Native chat

    To send instant messages through your event app exclusive chat.

  • Colorful tags

    The segmentation of the public’s interests to facilitate the networking of participants.

  • My favorites

    Select your favorites to visualize the most important contacts made at the event.

Recent materials

  • All categories
  • E-books
  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Webinars
  • Demos
  • Worksheets
  • Infographics

Promote interactions

Discover and interact with the attendees of the event has never been so convenient and fast. You can create multiple unique interactions with our premium tools included on the event app.

  • Agenda

    Tracks and reminders can be set on your offline agenda.

  • Feedback

    Four types of answers: Yes/No, 0 to 5, multiple choice or text.

  • Questions

    The most upvoted are answered by the speaker in Q&A.

  • Quizzes

    Attendees receive push to send their answers.

  • Forum

    Discussions continue under the same topic after the end of the session.

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Play your gamification

Your games can be unique and special for your event or community. Attraction and interaction between attendees can lead to points and prizes, which can be awarded for multiple occasions. With our leading game machine technology, you can plug your CRM or HR platform to create experiences for your organization, creating the exact dinamic that you wish to have. Make your event memorable with the leading gaming platform for events, recruitment and travels.

Share your event

Promote your content sharing based on your devices and controls. You can livestream your event, connect with your audience with live quizzes and send notifications to all your attendees.

  • Automatic notification

    At the end of each activity and event, independent of the Internet.

  • Instant results

    Answers appear automatically and in real time.

  • Large screens

    Large displays for your live content on sessions and halls.

  • Share content

    Posts can be shared on social media with live monitoring.

  • Native PowerPoint

    Plugin displays the results directly on the slide with your customized layout.

Create a live experience

Increase public engagement with your event app, promoting your sponsors through multiple channels, such as ads, banners, dedicated lists, maps, branded apps, splash screens and more.

  • Ads

    Programmed with news and offers from sponsors to attendees.

  • Banners

    Full screen with CTAs targeted at your audience.

  • Sponsors & Exhibitors

    List of all the company details so attendees can get in touch.

  • Hotel & Restaurants

    Nearby places can be added as suggestions for attendees.

  • Event map

    Details of your venue with multi-layer support for as many floors needed.

Customize tabs & web links

You can personalize your event with as many tabs as you need, order them and label them as you wish. This creates an unique layout powered for your event or community, powerful and secure, to access on the go with your custom layout. You can also add external links that attendees can browse without leaving the app, inserting relevant information such as restaurants, places, maps and much more.

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