It's never been easier to get great results with your event

A dedicated manager to explore your account and boost your event experience!

How does it work?

Our customer success team work together with our sales team to provide a smooth transition when your contract begins. You will have a dedicated account manager to help with any questions you may have.

As soon as we celebrate the sale, your dedicated account manager will schedule your first onboarding call online or offline. On it, your manager will guide you through the setup of acquired products, creating a relationship for a successful communication and helping you get the best results across many events.

What happens after our onboarding?

After your onboarding is concluded, you may decide to proceed with a full platform presentation, which can be performed by your account manager through a series of calls, or you may start operating the platform from this moment on.

If you require additional support plans, such as onsite support during your event, InEvent offers physical solutions for your business needs and operations, as detailed below.

Exclusive support to facilitate the organization of events with InEvent

Live Support

Daily support for your event operations

Our live support enables your event to have your dedicated account manager present during your event, which enables a enterprise support within your budget. With packages of 6 or 12 hours throughout the day, we will ensure that any issues are handled by true experts and your doubts are promptly answered.

Our team may also travel and run through multi-day events, with around the clock teams available as needed. InEvent has global support and has helped customers in Latin America, United States, Asia and Europe. All combined, we speak a total of 14 languages, which are available to ensure that your event runs smoothly.

Standard Support

Support for all InEvent customers

All InEvent customers have access to our qualified reps to answer your doubts, with an industry SLA guarantee of 6 hours during business hours. Your answers will be available directly to you, where you will receive detailed and thoughtful answers based on your requirements.

All our support will be through your dedicated email inbox and, if needed, our team may also provide specific channels to help solve any technical issue.

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