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InEvent enables you to organize your events on an integrated platform, enabling flexible web management, powerful hardware support and custom mobile technology to ensure the result at your event.

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Our solutions

InEvent brings integrated solutions for your event, including check-in, RSVP, invitations, emails, forms, hotsites, data management, mobile apps, data collectors, beacons, live support, reports, etc. All these systems communicate with each other, making it simple to manage and streamline your event.

Our events platform integrates all the steps for automation, operation and engagment at the event, where, in a single location, you can analyze, visualize and manage all your event details. With our end-to-end solution, the joy of creating an event comes alive with power of our tools.

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InEvent’s event platform solutions

Our products

For the full management of your event, we offer a fully-featured platform for events, with personalized invites, extensive reports, on-site check-in solutions, intelligent mobile apps and powerful hardware.

Our white label technology for events works offline, is available multi channel (web, mobile and wearables), has integrations with third-party enterprise marketing platforms and delivers its results in real time.

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InEvent’s integrated mobile platform products for events

Our support

InEvent is a company that works with you. We offer a dedicated account manager for your account, with an industry SLA guarantee of 6 hours response time. Our team provides comprehensive answers so you don't have to worry about your technology details.

We also have flexible onsite plans for physical solutions in the event operational days, including full and daily packages.

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Exclusive support to facilitate the organization of events with InEvent

What our customers are saying about InEvent

  • They have already proven their ability to develop innovative and live ideas. I believe in their success!

    Marco Stefanini - Global CEO Stefanini

  • It was great to work together with the InEvent team!

    Koteshwar Lankadasu - Director – Operations and Marketing, Coca-Cola India

  • I loved. I can no longer how to live without this app. Really integrates, creates a fantastic dynamic!

    Ricardo Bellino - CEO Plano B

  • Just amazing. Has download records and super cool app. Congratulations!

    Ronaldo Pereira Júnior - CEO Óticas Carol

  • It was very cool the interactions with the app. Everyone was very happy and it was instrumental in organizing the event.

    Andrea Cury - Director Hub Brasil - Cielo (selected agency)

  • With InEvent partnership we were looking for a software that met the expectations of our event. The event was a success! We were very pleased with the response time of the accreditation, the support given on the spot exceeded all our expectations. Including all the interactions throughout the event. All our expectations were met beyond our expectations!

    André Rodrigues - Director Abrint

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